The Process

All of Ringwood Environmental's bandfilter systems provide treatment solutions with simple, minimal operation. The following diagrams outline the operation of a CE system, although all our bandfilter systems work on the same basic principles. Click through the steps to see how the process works.
Wastewater is pumped to the system until the treatment tank is filled.
The treatment tank agitator runs as the treatment powder is added. After a short mix time, the agitator stops.
Large flocs are produced in the treatment tank during treatment, and the resulting sludge quickly settles to the bottom.
After the short settling time, the clear water is drawn from the top of the tank first, greatly speeding up the process time. This water flows onto the bandfilter. The disposable filter media traps unsettled floc particles as the water flows through and into the filtrate tank.
The treated water is released through the clear water discharge valve and flows into the filtrate tank.
The sludge is now discharged onto the bandfilter. The filter media traps the sludge and allows the clean, treated water to pass through and into the filtrate tank.
When all sludge has been dewatered, the treated water in the filtrate tank is pumped out.